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Therefore, it is essential to plan in times for relaxation and rest. Taurus: The winds of change are blowing strongly again from March onwards, especially if you are born during April 21 — Change is unavoidable and important adjustments have to be made to allow for new core developments.

Embrace the force of chaos because it is ultimately the energy behind creativity and is needed for breaking up old patterns! This is the start of a personal growth cycle that ultimately will provide you with more freedom. Investment in the right causes will pay out in the long run. The best time for starting a new project is during August 19 until October 4.

December could be a great month for trying something new and taking on a new role. Important is to think out of the square, embrace new possibilities and challenge your own perspective on life. Gemini: is a great year for improving your partnerships, personal or professional or meeting someone new who will further your spiritual growth, because Jupiter journeys through your relationship sector until December 3.

Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be inspired! On an emotional level, unresolved material from the past has to be mastered, but you have the clarity necessary for healing. You might also find that it is a great year for improving the ways you create an income. Take charge of your life by taking the necessary steps to make yourself feel good and secure.

The best time for starting new projects is rom April until mid-May. Cancer : You are receiving a cosmic push towards expressing your creative potential and living your purpose while the lunar north node journeys through your sun sign until May The Solar total eclipse on July 2 is an important signature of change especially for those born during June 27 until July 8. Your energy level is already increasing from mid-May onwards, igniting your personal courage, confidence, and drive to take charge of your life.

You are called upon to strike a balance between energy spent on relationships and energy spent on yourself.

Marriage or divorce can be an issue. You should enjoy good health, especially until December, however, watch your sugar and fat intake. Too much indulgence might have a negative impact on your overall body-mind equilibrium.

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Leo : The winds of change are blowing through your career house again from mid-March onwards, triggering disruptions in your life direction and career path, especially for those born during July. This can ultimately play out very positively for you, especially if you can make space and invite the new energy into your life. Creative projects are likely to do well, and you could possibly receive recognition for your work.

A good time for starting something new is during July until mid-August. With Jupiter travelling through your house of good luck, healthy risk-taking can pay off but try not to over-extend yourself or over-invest. Saturn and Pluto are together in your health sector until December , reminding you to look after yourself well and to make good use of your time.

Motivate yourself to get in the best shape possible for your age and circumstances.

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Saturn will help with discipline and determination. Virgo: is another year where you feel motivated to work hard on your creative endeavours. On the other hand, you might also find that you are working too much and do not have enough time for fun and relaxation. Therefore, make sure that you do get some time out and stop putting pressure onto yourself.

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Much joy can be found in your family and your home life now! This is a great year for resolving long-standing family issues and getting in touch with your ancestral roots. Reflecting on your greater purpose motivates the tackling of creative tasks, including those that are more challenging and require lots of determination and persistence to resolve.

From March onwards you might find that your belief-system that underlies your sense of reality starts changing as you are searching for new impulses.

Your best time for starting a new project is from August 19 until October 5. Libra: The Saturn in Capricorn period Dec — directs your emphasis on home, family and your deepest inner needs also during Your evolutionary intent is to find fulfilment through creating a safe space from where you can journey within and search for true self-knowledge. See it a as preparation towards a major shift in awareness that will occur in !

If there are areas with which you are not happy , start changing them now. Be prepared to question some of your assumptions.

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In order to move forward you might have to revisit the past. You are invited to do some deep shadow work, to integrate parts of yourself which have been supressed because they were considered as unacceptable. Make your own moral judgement and live by what feels right. The best time to start a new project is during April until mid-May and during October. Scorpio: This can be a very productive year for you and you are able to attract great abundance.

Nevertheless, there is also the danger of overextending yourself and investing in the wrong areas. Question your beliefs because things might not be as clear as you expect them to be. Maybe you are ready for a different set of values and it is time to answer to a new call? From March onwards, your personal relationships might start changing and you will be asked to adapt and move with the energy. Re-design your arrangements to reflect the person that you have become. This might involve more space for each other.

It is important that you act with full integrity and apply tolerance and understanding for the other person.

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Indeed new creative ideas and insights might come through your interactions with others. Sagittarius: Jupiter will be in your sun sign until December 3, making this a great year for exploring new parts of your identity and starting a new cycle in your evolutionary journey. This is a particular important transit for you because Jupiter rules Sagittarius. It serves to ignite new ideas and supports you in following your dreams. Go on your vision quest, this is a good year for you to start new projects. However, you do need to budget well as Saturn is still transiting your solar house of money and finances until December Learn to do a lot with limited resources and work towards your long-term goals slowly but surely.

Resilience and determination are the key. Make sure that you do not start too many different projects because things could easily grow beyond your ability to control or manage. Therefore seems to be another year of tests and trials. In many areas of your life you will be asked to clarify what is most important to you. You may have to take on more responsibility and be prepared to do the hard work.

Best not to start new projects before having completed what you have already started. Before this will eventuate, you might be forced to revisit the past and rework something unfinished and karmic. Ultimately, your focus during this year has to be on your relationship with others, your family and children, how to create nurturing partnerships based on the principles of caring and sharing. The Solar eclipses on January 6 and December 21 fall in your sun sign, making this a year of important endings followed by new beginnings later on.

There are differences in Geminis. I married to Scorpio and he tries to change me like previously stated but he can't recognize how negative he can be. It's not easy, but we learn HOW to get along no matter Ioana Yes!! I had a taurus like that and it completetly ruined it for me after a while. We compromise too much especially in romantic relationship.