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There will be happiness in the mind. The arrival of guests at home in the evening will change the atmosphere of the house. Many plans will be completed on time. Today you will also receive the blessings of parents. Everything will be better in terms of health. Feed bread to cow and money will increase.

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You need to be careful while driving. The more you try for something, the better the work will be. Overall, today will be a mixed day for you. Offer flowers to Vishnu, family life will remain pleasant. There will be profit opportunities in business today. You will feel good in academic work. People associated with the field of politics will get success.

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Religious events will be designed in the family. You will be successful in handling domestic work. Under the right plan, you will change your career. Any of your important work will be completed today. You will feel yourself in terms of health. People will get the desired transfer. In the evening, we will visit the temple to see God. Provide food to the needy, you will have a happy day. Today is auspicious for some important work. You will be generous with the people around you. Today guests will arrive at home. Most of the time will be spent in conversation with everyone.

You may have to travel in connection with the business. Cele mai noi stiri din:. Stiri Horoscop Horoscop 24 iulie , prezentat de Neti Sandu. Horoscop 24 iulie , prezentat de Neti Sandu. Autor: Stirileprotv. Horoscop 23 iulie , prezentat de Neti Sandu. Top citite acum iStock. Pro TV. Top Video 1. In , BRAT organised a new tender for the press audience measurement.

RADIO announced the research companies appointed to 3.

The syndicated research program in co-operation with survey covers titles 82 monthlies, 19 bimonthlies, the Radio Audience Association ARA. In , 48 weeklies, 69 dailies and 11 supplements. The sample is wide enough to make data valid at local level, as well. Sesame is software for The questionnaire, developed by IMAS, includes the media and consumer insights analysis and planning. BRAT will provide to the members an application, available c. Consumption and purchase behavior necessary online, for the usage of these data. The audience and profile results of the websites will be available to the member through a d.

Socio-demographic: specialized media planning software. The audience segmentation considers all In BRAT decided to develop a consumption the variables in the questionnaire on the basis of survey based on the already established SNA which the user can build specific target groups.

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This department will decide about a specialised study, tailored to the market The research objectives reached by SNA FOCUS: needs depending on the degree in which all parties obtain comprehensive information about media interested join forces to start this endeavour. Types of 5. BRAT received 7 information habits and sources, their attitudes and valid offers.

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BRAT was assisted in the tender values are available, linked to the media usage. At the the German company Spring as the supplier for the end of the SNA face to face interview, the interviewer next years. The FOCUS questionnaire is self and profiles of the websites is already used for many completed by the respondent; the interviewer had. In parallel, - at any level of detail customers have access to complete daily- - for specific brands, products, categories updated web archives of their monitoring reports, - for all selected media submitted to powerful search engines.

Final reports are delivered on CD. It underlies the overall media budgets and their respective allocation. Consequently On the other hand, advertisers and agencies devised another significant price increase laid in store for solutions to optimise exposure through quality of attempting to balance the decreasing inventory placement and alternative station selection.

Graph 1: Advertising clutter evolution New channel launches In the past 12 months new TV channels were launched making for a better targeting alternative or complementing the major channels. They started to be used in planning a lot more, according to the needs of certain brands and advertisers. There seems to be a significant price adjustment for Compared to , the average no of TV the thematic channels on the basis of increased advertisements a person all urban, incl. Certainly, the exposed to during the weekday, increased by 7.

Graph 4: Audience share evolution All, urban, whole day, For estimated figures are net However, the average value is In , new entertainment programs e. Leading against y. The local network currently includes 26 excellent choice for its upper profile. Mures successful prime time programs of other major and Turda. Acasa TV broadcasts exclusively through cable.

Still, beginning the last quarter of , its is based on local shows.

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Antena 1 has introduced audience dropped significantly. Their well-known audience buster Divertis position in the top of urban audience. Its top- continues the undisputed success story. Oradea, Deva, Braila, Brasov and Constanta.

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Arad, Further development of this channel is expected with Fagaras and Buzau are affiliated stations. Concerning football news and football. However, it seems that due to transmissions like Liga Campionilor, Campionatul frequent changes in the programming policy and lack European de Fotbal, TVR1 remains leader of of identity, building a loyal audience leaves to be audience 1st place in summer of Its main desired still. Currently, its programming target group national coverage, including the rural audience. In , its main programs delivering Football World Cup. Romanian old movies. Its audience is still rather low but it is an magazine and book publishing, television and radio.

Its target is y. For this channel PT interval is acquired- , Kanal D Romania started with a mix of defined as follows New entertainment formats like the advertising etc. Their main target is y. To limit coverage is the most successful thematic channel sold out consequences TV costs have increased for children y. Although the audience is rather low, Radio and Press.

In addition, the cost to advertise is rather low which makes it a prime option for niche brands. Important note in relation to National Geographic is the fact that the program feed that covers Romania is not exclusive, thus including other countries as well. It is therefore important to make sure that the TV ad, subject of broadcasting, is copyrighted in each country where the same feed is broadcasted, according to the specs provided by the channel.

Countable data behind any site.

Although the audience level is rather low, the station offers a good environment for up-. As of RRA has appointed coverage, attracting new listeners, promotions, a privately owned sales agent for their advertising sweepstakes, etc. Kiss FM and Radio 21 draw their had started operations. On contrary, people over 40 years of age Top 10 owners of radio licences: living in rural areas prefer RRA, the public station.

Mitropolia Moldovei si Bucovinei with Trinitas— 26 programs and flexible strategy e. They are either part of a larger licenses national network, or simply local stations. These are often used in promotions and product campaigns, After years of extending their coverage and whenever advertisers go for geographically targeted improving the programs, private radio market could campaigns.

The percentage of the people listening to radio at work is significant only for urban areas. The radio audience measurement system SAR launched in continues to offer to clients and agencies valuable information about performance thus effecting upon sales policies and planning.