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Credits: Thanks, Cynthia Brewer, for your wonderful color guide. So my three-year-old daughter — who celebrates a birthday Sept. It looked the most like a birthday cake, she said. Also, thanks to publicdomainpictures. This is accurate. I was unfortunate enough to have been told the actual day of my conception, and the chart says I should have been conceived just the day before. Given all the variables in play, one day off is incredibly accurate. The data is still somewhat biased because of the irregular sample size.

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In order to have completely unbiased data you need to have a number of samples such that each day falls on a particular day of the week the same number of times as any other day. By looking at the graph there are clear spikes on April 4, 11, and We know this is a cause of this bias because:. For example, the day April 11th, from , falls on: Monday 3 times , , Tuesday 3 times , , Wednesday 3 times , , Thursday 3 times , , Friday 3 times , , , Saturday 2 times , Sunday 3 times , , It has more occurrences on a Friday and less occurrences on a Saturday compared to the other days of the week.

Because of other studies showing that weekend birthdays are less common than weekday ones, we can conclude that the lowered frequency of weekend dates for the days April 4, 11, and 18 are causing a spike. In order to have unbiased data you need a sample size of a year span e. My birthday is the rarest by far.

Interesting seeing the slump around Christmas. I wonder if Christmas babies were as rare in the past as they are now? Is that controlled for somewhere to normalize that date against the others?

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Far fewer people are born on February 29 than on any other date, so I presume some kind of statistical adjustment has been made. I always tell people that I almost never meet anyone who shares my birthday, November I should either 1 exclude it or 2 do a weighted average. Thanks for prompting me to check it out. Weighted average gets my vote, excluding it seems a bit harsh for those people born on those days.

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I just gave birth to my daughter on November 23rd Black Friday this year. We were induced for preeclampsia and were not due until January 31st. I also notice the 13th of every month is low. I always thought your birthday was just whatever day it was but it seems there is way more control than I thought. I had a classmate whose sister was born on September 11, More details here:. Some women offered dates for planned c-section may be less likely to choose the 13th of the month, or Friday the 13th.

As for the increase in births starts in June July time. I wonder if there is a corresponding increase in prescriptions of antibiotics in the Autumn and start of Winter? It would be interesting to see the graphic split for planned c-sections, and another for all other births vaginal delivery, emergency c-section, any induction. Something else that might be interesting to know — is there a time of year where it is more likely for IVF embryos to be transferred back and similar other fertility treatment to be carried out?

Being under consultant care it is more likely babies will be born by c-section.

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  4. I was born on April 1, but it was in , so if they could calculate the birthdays from , that would be great. Yes, this is surprising, because with my friends group we hate november because 12 of them of 28 born on those dates. Five on I have thought for some time that low birth rates for major holidays are due to lack of elective c sections.

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    I think doctors and hospital staff would be difficult to arrange for Christmas day, Christmas eve, New year day, independence day. That seems obvious! Would be nice to see the same data set charted to moon phase. And to see if similar trends hold true in other countries. Maybe it is an American quirk to abstain from birth during festive occasions. I should be finished soon if you want to check it out:.

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    Love this! Great work here and what interesting insights we can get from looking at the data this way. Those with birthday number 17 in life are hard workers so they will continue to work hard for the results they want. They are reserved , quiet at times and patient. They have a tough time sharing their feelings, but it is good for them too.

    It will help to relieve their suffering.

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    People born on the 8th, 17th and 26 are tough people with a strong will thus their ability to survive. They may have hard lives, but they have the energy and the power to make it through. Birthday number 17 people are disciplined , persistent and courageous. There will be those who will admire them. Eights tend to be the responsible one in their family and will look out for their loved ones.

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    Michael Jordan United States of America. The best color for 17 birthday personality is Yellow. Green and blue can also work for them but yellow is best. They should wear or carry this color with them somehow when they want to bring good luck with them. The worst colors for them are red and black or maroon. Their lucky gemstone is blue sapphire. Birthday Number Analysis Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Sometimes number birthday number 17 people come across as rude , but they do not mean to be.

    They want to live in peace but unfortunately will run into problems. It is just the nature of this birthday number. They will try to help people, but then others will try to take advantage of them for this. Birthday number 17 people may have health problems such as stomach or nerves issues. They will do well in many careers such as business, arts, agriculture or archeology. They will love their jobs and do well at them.