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But Rahu is already there, which created big confusion, dejection and problems.

Lok Sabha Elections: Most astrologers cautious, some favour Modi, some predict hung Parliament

This will be a period of power for the party, but again few disputes are expected. But after 29th October Rahu dasha will be operation. Saturn and Rahu indicate the materialization of a Dalit or lower caste leader for the alliance. The result date and planets positions on that day when result will come out will have its importance. This result will put the state on corridor of development for a long time to come. Luck will beam on Bihar and the state will be sited on the course of growth.

Vipin Saini is an eminent Astrologer with expertise in Vedic and Nadi astrology.

Very simple. One can settle down in India as sadhus. For a computer engineer to buy a car and house it will take ten years of hard work. But If one becomes sadhus with some smart talking and quoting Sanskrit one can make tons of money.

'Achhe din' for astrologers in poll-bound Bihar | india | Hindustan Times

I know one swamiji who has bought four crore worth property in ECR. Many sadhus do not meditate or do not have time to meditate or do their daily rituals due to commitments. I have seen sadhus or so called saffron clad people are abysmal at many levels. They are o ld and have failed in corporate world. For example one sadhu has built a temple for linga bharivai. Now look at the irony. When a women meditates on linga bharivai her sexual instinct will come up.

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Now it will make people more erotic. Without proper understanding of mantra shastra these people do things. The misunderstanding along with ignorance and money making template then one can have voila combinations. When the sins are done in a place, earth swallows them.

Bihar’s politicians make beeline for predictions, pujas.

In the same way in Himalayas, sadhus in the name of god looted most of the people. That is why the great river mandakini took the toll. Common people see sadhus as representation of god. Sadhus see people as money pots, cars and their fat pay cheque.

In Bihar, leaders flock to astrologers

These sadhus are simple in their outwardly appearance. But if you see the cars they travel and lavish palaces they stay, even king will feel ashamed. Indians love their god and guru. They can not question them easily. Life has become simple for sadhus for they blame the cause of the problem on god and karma. They never help people to come out of their suffering.

Spiritual protection of Himalayas was broken. Whether it was manmade or dams, one thing is sure.

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  7. Many sadhus will make money in the name of god. If Something goes wrong, they never blame their spiritual inabilities, limitations and their powers. Blame government, destiny, fate and god other than sadhus who make money in the name of god. Himalayas is not exception to it. The third phase of the Bihar assembly elections to pick a new member house began Thursday in 48 constituencies. The mandate of this Assembly Election will determine the future of growth considering its present development. Chennai based Indian Astrologer K.

    India is ruled by families whether it is politics or business. People are expecting lot of action before the election. First of all nothing will happen. Both Stalin and alagiri will play it cool. There will be some kind of standoff without much open fights. Closer to the election, again it will flare up. If it is the party election alagiri will have an edge but then ultimately planets will dictate the issue. Even the Chief Minister was parroting Modi's name and his achievements at election meetings," he said.

    Electoral Contest Between Giriraj Singh And Kanhaiya Kumar:

    Nitish Kumar has failed to keep his government's achievements before the people, he said. Gami on April 30 resigned from the membership of the legislative Assembly for being sidelined during campaigning in Darbhanga and Samastipur constituencies by the JD-U. The two-term legislator from Hayaghat Assembly constituency said he has sent his resignation to JD-U President Nitish Kumar but his resignation has not been accepted so far.

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