Astrology moon trine mercury

Avoid worrying too much. Psychic sensitivity may be increased.

Moon Trine or Sextile Mercury Synastry I Relationship Astrology

If lord of the 9th, you may take a trip for personal reasons now. It is a good time to write about your feelings. Your mind may seem far away to others now. If lord of the 10th, this is a good time to assess the public mood and plan demographics accordingly. Changes may be taking place in the office. Superiors may for the moment be making decisions based upon their heart and not their head. If lord of the 11th, group involvement becomes more personal and there is a greater sense that you belong if you are comfortable with the people you are with.

Moon Mercury Conjunction In 10th House

If lord of the 12th, you are prone to daydream and let your mind wander now. You probably will not have an easy time focusing on work, so it is best to take time off if you can.

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Moon Semi square Mercury. A difficulty in expression is likely if not evident in the way you communicate your feelings, regularly travel or articulate your routines. But not so bad as it needs your ardent attention, as not everyone can express themselves confidently. Some need to work a little harder than others and that might be you!

Moon Quincunx Mercury. Emotional and unfortunately daily communications may be a source of misconceptions for you throughout life. You are not alone in this magical world and at some point after looking and feeling in the wrong spot for so long. You will come to understand an overlooked benefit to feeling the way you do. Moon-Mercury Aspects.

Moon Mercury Conjunction In 10th House

Share on Facebook. Moon Conjunction Mercury If we all had emotional thoughts that work in unison with the intellect, we would all be able to make quick decisive judgments that appeared thought out and articulate. Moon Trine Mercury A spring flower is cradled in nature and the gift of its first blooming a signal of its emotional gratitude.

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Moon Sextile Mercury Great emotional expression is yours to create at will, and the knowledge you acquire in life will bless your general nature to articulate to those in your presence. Moon Oppose Mercury What you feel and what you think and say, are shaking their heads at each other. If you have gone deeper still to explore this harmony between two sometimes-disparate functions, you have discovered that they are both manifestations of a more universal mind, which is itself transcended by Spirit.

Your goal becomes to reach to this level of Spirit. The harmony that you have achieved between your emotional and mental functions now allows you to approach this goal aided by clear thinking that is not muddied or disturbed by emotional conflict. Furthermore, your emotions, guided by your intellect to be pointed in a spiritual direction, are transmuted into an attitude and habit of love and devotion, the highest level to which the emotions can reach.

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The natural tendency symbolized by the trine, however, is that stress experienced through one function is relieved by the other. If you are aware of and take advantage of the capacity for mental awareness and especially communication to relieve emotional stress, or the cultivation of peaceful and loving emotion for the relief of mental stress, the problem that is generating stress in your life may be able to be resolved.

If you simply experience relief with no inner work taking place, then you will become overly reliant on the function that is relieving your stress. You will, thus, have a tendency to indulge in its overuse through excessive talking, excessive analysis or excessive emotion. This, then, becomes a character flaw and a cause of further imbalance.

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