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Aries Weekly Horoscope

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This is a tough card about loss, grief and regret BUT this is something that has already happened, the worst is over, the event has passed. Death is the most powerful card here, and represents transformation, significant life shifts and mindset changes.

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Perhaps getting your head around something which you actually rather enjoy, given your clever Mercury ruler. The Knight of Swords can be challenging and very direct with his messages. This is vital work, and will do you so much good.

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  7. Be open to new truths and what they might mean for you. Judgment asks you to review this situation mess? You want to escape but your own self-limiting mindset is thwarting your ability to escape the maze… does it feel like that right now? We often get in our own way. Stop dithering and get on with it! This is SO not like you: to procrastinate and squirm over something which is so important. The Hanged Man sees you swinging in the wind, not taking action, feeling uninspired and unsure about the right path onwards.

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    Sometimes, though, there IS no perfect solution and we just have to get things moving again. Sometimes you need to start a fight in order to win it! A trio of Swords cards this week, Aquarius, so there is some sharpness and conflict in your world which you need to face up to.


    The Nine of Swords speaks of unspoken anxieties, things we whittle about but keep to ourselves so it all gets out of proportion. You, or circumstances, will put an end to this endless worrying once and for all. The Three of Swords hints this is all about a relationship issue, a niggling feeling of not being treated fairly or truthfully. Whatever you need to uncover and expose will come to light now, and you can act upon it.

    Basically, if your bank account is not ready for a full tarot reading just yet, this one should help tide you over for now!

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    Treat yourself with a lil West Elm shopping spree—your space is the best investment you can make right now. Go all out to make someone realize how much you know, understand, and appreciate them. We can all go much further in life with the support and input of others than we can alone.

    Go use these gifts this week to make something good happen. The Knight of Coins brings a nesting mood this week—hey, the season of pumpkin spice and blankets approaches!