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Do not doubt yourself. The challenges you face will be difficult, but they are not beyond your ability. Morning humor lolol tarot tarotcards tarotreading tarotspread tarotdeck tarottribe tarotonline tarotoftheday tarotscope tarotdaily tarotlover tarotreader tarotcommunity tarotofinstagram dailytarot healing selflove selfcare crystals likeforlike beginnertarot tarotbasics tarotthings tarothack innerpeace. Just as the low tide will rise, and green leaves will become orange.

Just as the night sky will surely turn to day.

Know that your happiness will return, for all that has been will be once more. Discover your passion. At the base of a great mountain is where you stand. You have the ability to succeed. Even in trialling times, know that you will be victorious. Monroe, Michigan. Monthly collective reading I found this lovely week a head spread by modernseertarot and I decided to use for my month a head spread with some changes. Oracle pull.

Rebel - Because fuck it. Seven of wands. Always make every effort to move forward.

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Thank you. Welland, Ontario. Panda mail! I was so happy to back this deck on Kickstarter and am so glad I did. It's such a sweet deck in all its panda goodness.

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She refuses to make a move to go forward or take responsibility. The ocean behind her shows the powerful emotions involved with this choice. When we get this card in the past position of a 3 card spread , we have recently have had to make an extremely difficult choice or avoided it entirely. Fortunately, the worst is now behind us and we can move forward with clarity. This can be a tough card to get in the present position but usually only if we are refusing to make a decision.

This may relate to a relationship decision, a career move , a financial situation or some other sticky situation. When we get the Two of Swords in the future position, we will soon have to make a very important choice in our lives — and it will not be an easy one. Perhaps we will have to make a decision that will affect our loved ones or family and it may make things more complicated and emotional.

However, it will be important to listen to our hearts and open up to our intuition instead of getting stuck in our heads. The reversed Two of Swords is similar in meaning to the upright Two of Swords. When we get the Two of Swords in a One Card Tarot Reading , you are struggling with a decision, yet even though you are in two minds, you are closing your heart and refusing to make this choice — which will only cause you more pain.

Take off the blindfold and be brave enough to open your heart and choose your path. The Yes or No Reading is an excellent one to do when faced with a tough decision.

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This way we can learn from our mistakes but we also begin to understand that we can overcome hurdles and move on to better things. It is time for some quiet rest and healing. You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work. However, we can judge our own behaviours too and make sure we always act with honesty and kindness….. It may be fairly daunting to think you are challenged with a new path and taking advice might help.

If people seem critical try not to be offended but work out whether what they are saying can be of constructive help. So, whilst the signs are good, it is a nudge to be careful and thoughtful about what is right, realistic and feasible for you.

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Using past experience you should be able to make some decisions as to whether this relationship is right for you or not. Since life always has its ups and downs, it is very important that you appreciate all the wonderful things you have in your life right now. Whilst this is so difficult, try to understand that now is the time to rebuild your life in a bigger, better way to exceed what has gone before.

With a little hard work and patience this beginning can grow into something very tangible and rewarding for you. Accept any help offered to you. This could be you or it might be you need to embrace his skills of passion, drive and determination.

A Gender Variance Who's Who: Leo Wollman ( – ) gynecologist, hypnotist, sexologist.

It could even be someone you can turn to for help. Either way with these qualities behind you, success will not be far away. Learn from past experience how things went wrong and make the changes for better now that you have a new opportunity. The Devil can only control our thoughts and feelings if we let him. Take control of the situation. The Fool nudges us to look out for pitfalls which we can miss in the excitement of a new beginning. Enjoy this time but keep your wits about you.

Whatever decision you come to, it should be based on what your needs are, and whether it is a realistic and feasible option for you, so think carefully. All relationships need input and nurturing from both sides, so make sure this relationship is equally good for those involved. You are so close to achieving what you want. This card represents hastiness and lack of thought in an issue as this Knight always responds to situations without proper consideration.

Someone solid and dependable if a little ruthless at times. If this is not someone in your life right now then it may be someone in the past, who inspires you to embrace these attributes yourself, to help you succeed in your next task. There are always setbacks in life and they are often put in our way to make us stop and think carefully about the way forward.

See this as a challenge to be overcome. Although this has de-motivated you, you have the ability to overcome it and move forward with added pace. This pedantic but steady approach might just be what is needed right now. Make sure you pay attention to detail to make a real success of it, all the other cards show that it has all the signs of success.

With the same effort and careful attention to detail you look set to continue achieving. Well done! It may be that you need to be the strong one in the current situation for that person now. The Emperor protects his and his own with firm conviction. Both The Emperor and this card represent the need to be strong in a way that is steady, kind and honest.

Use your skills of emotional intelligence, patience and love whatever situation you face.