12 st march horoscope

Be willing to take steps to improve your immediate situation. Nevertheless, remain responsive. Your sixth sense kicks in during the late morning. A question you might ask and the subsequent information you are given forces thought. Once you start discussions, communication flourishes. Bright ideas will stem from these talks. Feelings run high in the morning when you want to communicate an idea. If someone is defensive, you need to give him or her the space to work through this mood. Maintain a low profile for the remainder of the day.

Others eye your ability to bring people together and take the lead. You might need to bring up a fragile topic with one specific person. Give yourselves some space to think and remain caring. Your openness melts another person's resistance. Look past the obvious and think carefully. News from a distance could make you smile and give you a lot to think about.

Midday, you take charge of a project at work. Others admire your efficiency. Do not nitpick.

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One-on-one relating in the earlier part of the day draws you closer to the other party. By afternoon, you eye a more conceptual interaction. Understand what someone is saying, although you might need to stop and walk in this person's footsteps. You might not believe how sensitive you feel at this moment.

You could want to clear the air with someone you care about. Allow greater give-and-take. Realize that this experience might be extremely intense. Getting going could be difficult, but you will do so by afternoon. Your interactions become more dynamic as a result. You make an impression, as does the other party. You could find that this person intellectualizes a lot. Your creativity soars, and you feel more in touch with your feelings than you have for a while.

Touch base with a child or someone who stimulates your mind and creativity. You will want to apply one of your ideas in the near future. Allow your playfulness to emerge later in the day.

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Try to remain centred. Communication flourishes between you and a loved one. If single, you could meet someone out of the blue who might be very enticing. In fact, with a little creativity, you could put this positive energy and goodwill to good use. Don't neglect the power of a group of friends.

Today should be all about integrating the course and the refined, not fighting this losing battle of keeping them distinct. Life isn't about stark order, you know. It's chaotic, passionate and wonderfully mixed up, just like humans. Impose your sense of order on the world if you must, but don't get frustrated when the world doesn't want to wedge itself into your neat little boxes. Sometimes life seems full of obstacles. It's hard to make decisions that please everyone, and often, you try much too hard to do just that.

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But for now, you're free from that timid feeling. Instead of worrying or putting out a lot of extra effort, you're ready to let loose and make merry. Today is your personal holiday -- no matter what the calendar or your boss might say -- so have fun! Today your mind wanders down narrow paths. Pay better attention to what's actually around you. Stop limiting your world view. You're drawn to precise ideas and theories, but it's time to seek broader horizons.

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  8. The world is your oyster, but you have to take the trouble to catch it and crack open the shell. There's plenty of work involved, and it may not pan out for a few more days. Will you be ready? Your mood will swing up and down and back and forth today, like a mischievous monkey.

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    5. The good news is that, however you feel, you won't bottle it up. But be aware of who's listening in on your self-exploration. You might hurt someone's feelings accidentally.

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      Of course, this could be a good lesson: learning to tell the truth in a tactful, gentle way. Perhaps you can improve your communication skills.

      Your daily horoscope: March 12

      You're normally rather placid, but today you're actually getting a little unruly. The people around you might start raising their eyebrows and exchanging significant glances, but there's something important they don't know: This is a classic case of 'what you see isn't what you get. Can you get away with it? Time will tell. Soon you'll be either satisfied or sorry.

      Variety is the spice of life, right? But sometimes, the fact that you're a singular person with unique talents can feel more like a hardship than a blessing.

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      It would be easier just to be like everyone else, but the world is better off with you in it, just the way you are. There's no need for you to be so sensitive. Other people want variety, and that's exactly what makes you a bright spot in anyone's day. People seem lazy or out of control, and it's kind of freaking you out.

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      You wish everyone would just be sweet and cooperative. But no -- they have to go announcing their many different needs and opinions all over the place. Suppose you stop fretting about their lax discipline? You're the one who told everybody to chill out, after all. Why not give it another day before you get all upset? You'll feel better by then. This is just a passing phase.