Cancer woman cancer man horoscope

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman in Love

As far as health is concerned, the natives may experience nervous breakdowns and physical discomfort, especially during travels. The success you will enjoy during this month will influence the people around you to listen to your indications and to make everything possible to win your favor. Focus on everything you need to do, some important and beneficial changes in your career are predicted for this month. If you thought of putting your foot down in your love life, now is the moment to do so.

Saturn and Pluto instill a harmful perfectionism in the relationship with your partner, so you can tend to not feel yourself next to your partner. At work, Uranus opens your appetite for taking initiatives, and Venus and Mars help you get recognition.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman: Nature of Bonding

In terms of health, you are fine, if you relax. May is announcing to be full of contradictions, conflicts, and major challenges for you. Saturn had a tense relationship with the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and this means disagreements in the couple life, professional dissensions, renouncing or disappointments. Uranus urges you to make a series of changes. The end of the months finds you exhausted and weakened. In June , it is possible to have one of your wishes come true. A romantic vacation is waiting for you, or a transforming experience going on a long trip, and the plans for an engagement or a marriage may fructify now.

Avoid legal proceedings and focus on career, you have all the chances of getting a promotion or a raise.

The Cancer Woman

In July, your attitude will be open, creative, and fun, which will surprise those around you. You are concerned about the financial aspect of your job and it is possible to renegotiate a raise. In love, pay more attention to your partner and his needs!

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You are not interested in buying something expensive as a token of your love. Instead, you will be looking for a gift that comes from your heart and takes thought and effort. Thinking outside the box will help you to provide you with options to showcase your love for your partner. Your sudden surge of creativity will come as a great surprise for your partner. Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links. She must work for it, reach deep into her Scorpio Earth side to learn what Cancer takes for granted.

Cancer & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Surfaces have always been enough for her. But the presence of this man in her heart softens the boundary she has maintained between her outer senses and her inner emotions and passions.

Cancer ♋ and Cancer ♋ Compatibility, Love and Friendship

Cancer's easy empathy and comfort with deep vulnerable emotions helps her gain the courage to delve her own depths and grow the power she is capable of. Cancer has to work, too. The sensitive guy needs to learn skills and to struggle and work to develop his trade, whatever it may be. Cancer's direction of growth lies in deepening his personal authority, claiming the right to feel as he feels, and protecting and defending his home.

Cancer Can Cry

Cancer's sensitivity can make him overly tentative. His life challenge is to grow the will to stand firm. In this, Taurus can help him by example. Her strength is innate; she did not have to fight to attain it.

She was born that way. But cardinal Cancer must struggle like a salmon upstream to the home he craves. The Taurus woman is patient, and so her first impression need not be the last. She likes him, and he feels good to her. Sensitivity runs far beneath the surface of her personality. She seems stoic but in truth, she senses everything right down to the root.

Money & Career

She recognizes Cancer's nourishing flow, and she craves it. This man has what she wants, and what she wants, she will have. He wants her as well.